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Mobile Friendly
Built with responsive / mobile first design which provides consistent user experience regardless of which device you use with full functionality available on all the devices.
Enhanced User Experience
User interface designed to provide the optimum user experience with clean UI.  Placement, Look, and Feel of the UI components are designed to provide the most efficient system interaction.
Runs on Solid Infrastructure
Built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users.
API Based
Flexible API based system allowing interaction via various methods.
Order Tracking System
Flexible and Take and manage orders from anywhere.
Highly Secure
Multiple layers of security to avoid data breach and to ensure that data is available only to the owner.
Agent / Group Management
Complete Agent Management system with groups/roles and permissions that allows for complete control of the organization.
Inventory Management System
Complete Agent Create and manage your products and services that ties in to CRM and Order tracking system.
Client Management
From few clients to few thousand clients, from a simple client profile to a complex one, CRM provides you with flexibility and scale to serve your needs.
Permissions Based System
Flexible and extensive permission based system built based on “Restrict by Default” principle where permissions are assigned to allow access as oppose to restrict them. ¬†Extensive list of permissions provides flexibility to fine-tune access to system users.
Organization Hierarchy Structure
System is built from ground up to support organization hierarchy. So, regardless of how complex your organization group structure is, the system will allow for creation of new sub-organizations and traversal throughout the hierarchy without logging out.
Custom Entities & Fields
System allows for custom entities and fields so that you only interact with the entities and fields you care about. In addition to this, you can assign custom entities and fields to your sub organizations throughout your hierarchy.