Our client wanted to build Via The Village, an easy to use, social networking platform for connecting nannies and families and facilitating nanny sharing.

Earlier, the client had started a nanny-sharing group on Facebook but wanted to scale the users on her envisaged web-based platform and wanted the technical expertise in building this service.

Infonius Solutions has provided an end-to-end technical solution, ranging from UI/UX to Development to Quality Assurance. We have also provided technical architecture and infrastructure services for the application. The application has many features such as finding a nanny, sharing a nanny with other families you find here and it also provides a platform for nannies to directly approach families to render their services. Nanny share has been one of the most pivotal features in the application; saving families cost on childcare while simultaneously enabling nannies to earn more.

The application has two types of user signup: Nanny user and Family user. We have three signup/login methods – Email, Facebook, and Twitter. To achieve this, we have integrated Facebook and Twitter APIs with our framework. When a user signs up as a Nanny, they can create their professional profile, connect & network with families looking out for childcare services, and also network with other nannies (who could act as a backup buddy). When a user signs up as a Family, they can create their profile, connect with other families, and network with nannies for availing their services. We have implemented all these features in Node.js and React. We have also implemented a ‘Search’ dashboard in which a user can search for other users (nanny or family) and the results will be displayed on the map of the United States. This was achieved by integrating the app with Google Maps API.

There are other auxiliary features such as blog, forum and a website that have been developed in WordPress. Using the WebSocket protocol, we have also developed a highly secured messaging service for the users.

Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS EC2 servers. We have also configured other Amazon SES service to support our email sending framework. Amazon RDS (Mysql) was configured and integrated to store all the sensitive data collected by the application.

Our team of UI/UX have taken a holistic approach to design the application. We have provided design services such as creating wireframes and mockups (both for a web-based view and a mobile view).

Lastly, our Quality Assurance team has strived to keep the application a high-quality, bug-free service.

The application was a huge success in terms of the user registrations and in connecting families with nannies. Within a week of application’s launch, around 150 users signed up for the application. Currently, there are more than 1400 users actively using the app. An internal survey carried out by the client suggested that end users liked the user interface and the ease of using the app the most. It is attributed to our superior UI/UX considerations. Many nanny users have successfully found employment opportunities. Similarly, many families have connected with trustable nannies for their childcare needs.